Domestic ACS Gas Reassessment Subscription

This new style Domestic ACS Gas Reassessment package is like no other.

This is exclusive to us because John (Director) has put it together; being from a gas background he knows the stresses of the 5 year re-sits with no real info in between and the financial implications of a week off work  – and the cost of the course!

Essentially it’s paid by monthly direct debit, spread over 5 years with no fees to pay at reassessment time, so here is how it works…

  • The fixed price is £895 plus VAT which is spread over 58 months, at a fixed price of £18.52 inc VAT per month, meaning there is not a lump sum to pay when reassessment is due.
  • You will receive a monthly newsletter with regulations and standard updates, special promotions and industry change
  • You get two evenings a year where you come in to centre for industry updates and manufacturer talks which will include Domino’s pizza
  • ACS gas qualifications include CCN1, CENWAT,CKR1,HTR1,TCPA1
  • You will get 1 full day in the centre training before assessments
  • 6 months before your qualifications expire you start your reassessment, one day a month on a Saturday, so no lost time at work. This is for 4 months leaving plenty of time for the certification process and making sure your qualifications never run out again and your Gas Safe never goes dead!
  • You get a 1-day Worcester training session in centre
  • You get a 1-day alpha training session in centre
  • You get a new training manual on sign up and a replacement manual if a new version is published throughout the 5 years.
  • You will get a lunch of fresh sandwiches, crisps and chocolate bars with plenty of tea and coffee whilst you’re in the centre.
  • You get a copy of IGEM G11 document on sign up (Gas Industry and Unsafe Situations Procedure)
  • Access to our Facebook chat page where advice and information can be found
  • On booking it is very simple, we do everything so all you have to do is set the direct debit up.
apply for Gas Safe Registration
Worcester Bosch training centre 600x352 1
Alpha training
LCL Approved centre
  • You can add extra elements ie: warm air (DAH1) for just £80 plus VAT and this can be added to the monthly payment
  • We also offer this package for commercial/catering/LPG/Laundry/DEI just ask for information