ACS Portfolio

Qualification ACS Gas Portfolio
Awarding Organisation: N/A
Why To be able to start your ACS Exams you will need to have completed both the practical and theory elements of the course.


Most colleges will offer the theory element but leave it up to the learner to find a Gas Safe Registered engineer to help them complete their ACS Gas Portfolio.


Unfortunately this is not easy so we can provide this service.


Who’s this for? Learners who will be taking their ACS gas assessment and need to complete their ACS Gas Portfolio.


If you are not already on one of our Gas Training Courses you will need to provide evidence that you have signed up to a gas training course elsewhere.


Outcomes An ACS Gas Portfolio which meets your gas training Centers Requirements


Course overview Following on from your Gas Theory Training you will need to complete your ‘On-site Portfolio of Evidence’ as required by the ACS Scheme Rules.
If you signup to one of our gas training courses we guarantee your place for this two week stage of the Domestic Gas Course. You will head out on live jobs with one of our Gas Safe Registered Engineers dedicating their time and expertise to ensuring your Portfolio is completed to an outstanding level whilst also ensuring you learn as much as possible about each and every job along the way.
If you are doing a course with another training centre don’t worry we can arrange a program that will allow you to complete your ACS Gas Portfolio.The ACS Gas Portfolio of Evidence is exactly what is says on the tin, you are required to create a Portfolio of all the on and off Site jobs you do during your Foundation Gas Course. This is compiled by taking down calculated figures, analysed data and your personal insight into what happened throughout the job, backed up by photographic evidence of your movements and documentation, such as Landlord Gas Safety Certificates. 
Learning Materials Please also see our Downloads Page for the ACS Scheme Rules download which must be read prior to attending this course



If you are on one of our training courses this stage is typically 10 days.


If you are signed up with another training centre the duration and cost to complete your ACS Gas Portfolio will vary depending on their requirements. Please ring and ask to talk to one of our assessors.


Where Havant, Hampshire.